Dear Customer, Dear Supplier, It are challenging times we’re all facing. Fundamental rights being restricted and not knowing if our economy will hold. But we had similar situations in the near past so I stay very optimistic that we will get thru this crisis and even come out of it stronger than before. I herewith inform you that LCMA has till today not stopped working and I decided to continue working as long as my Government allows us to. Of course are we taking all necessary measurements to keep the personnel safe and have we implemented rules for incoming and outgoing goods to avoid contact with transporters and/or other external persons. You can contact us from Monday till Friday at our usual opening hours. Faithfully Yours and please stay safe and healthy, Otis Claeys CEO

About Us

Quality, Experience, Flexibility,
Short lead time, Large stock and
Competitive Prices makes us one
of the key players on the market.

L.C.M.A. S.A.

Manufacturer, Stockist and Distributor of TITANIUM
L.C.M.A. S.A. is the European manufacturer and distributor of a wide range of titanium alloy semi-finished products and present on the market since many years, with a strategic location in Luxembourg ! Titanium bars, titanium ingots, titanium tubes, titanium sheets/plates and titanium wire belong to the product portfolio of LCMA. The company offers its expertise in titanium business for individual projects in the aerospace, medical and petrochemical industries.

All L.C.M.A. S.A. suppliers are from Europe