Luxembourg, February 18, 2019.

                                                                                 MODERN SLAVERY & HUMAN TRAFICKING

LCMA confirms that in order to be a successful partner to its customers and suppliers, business must be conducted in a sustainable manner.

Which means that we must be sure that our goods and services are delivered in a way that does not threaten the ability of others to enjoy basic

human rights.

Producing, processing and trading materials from across the world, LCMA is acutely aware of the need to ensure that the materials we supply

reflects the values we aspire to. Throughout our activities there’s no place for slavery or human trafficking.

LCMA employees and contractors have chosen freely to work with us, enjoying the right to have their voice heard as an individual or collectively.

All work will be age-appropriate and everyone will be supported to maximise their contribution to the company.

We are committed to ensuring that all materials tainted by unacceptable labour standards should not be commercialised.

Everyone working for LCMA understands the risks of slavery and human trafficking and are committed to eliminating them.

Our contractors are known to the business, visited where possible and evaluated before entering business with them.

The origin of material is identified and documented wherever possible and its status is clearly communicated to customers.

Anyone in our supply chain, customers and contractors can report concerns for investigation to LCMA. Fortunately, no reports of this kind have

been received till today.

This policy has the full support of our Members of the Supervisory Board and the commitment of the entire company.


Otis Claeys